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Fast Home Solutions is Ranked with the Best of Real Estate Companies in Tampa, FL

Our process makes us rank among the best in real estate companies in Tampa, FL

Need to Sell Now?

We understand how difficult times can be when you lose a loved one, during a divorce settlement, or losing a job. We also understand when other financial struggles start to set in and become overbearing. Fast Home Solutions is a quick and easy way to dissolve assets by selling us your home to help you during you struggling times.

Other times, family need to move to new cities because of the provider of the family getting relocated in their given career. When these situations arrive, Fast Home Solutions stands above other real estate companies by having great experience and less than 7 days sales.


Why Choose Fast Home Solutions?

There are many reasons that we stand above the other real estate companies in Tampa, but the main one is our process. Our developed process contributes to our fast-moving sales. While most real estate companies take time to assign you a real estate agent and to process the sales. Our process allows us to buy the house as is, meaning saving you money on repairs and allowing the sale to be done within a week.


Our Developed Process

After choosing us over other real estate companies, the process starts off by contacting us. In the initial meeting, we figure out how we are able to help you and to find a time slot to visit your home within 24 hours. After visiting your home and giving you our offer on the home, we allow you to take time to consider the offer. If accepted, we will be able to close the deal on your home in 7 days or less and handle all the paperwork. After the 7 days, you will get paid the cash we offered and be able to move to your new location!


Feel free to contact Fast Home Solutions with any questions or concerns you may our quick and easy process that makes us better than other real estate companies. Contact us here or by calling us at 813-642-7160.


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