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Divorce In Orlando, FL

We Can Buy Your House Directly From You And Help You Through Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is tough. If you have children, it can be even more difficult.


One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is the division of assets and the fact that one of your biggest assets – your family home – is co-owned by your soon to be ex-partner. This means, in most cases, that the home will need to be sold. Unfortunately, the last thing you probably want to be doing right now is dealing with such a huge issue.


Selling one’s home most often means putting it on the market. As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming process, and besides that, it is also painfully stressful. As you are going through this difficult time, you should be doing all you can to avoid stress – you already have enough of it as it is. Here at Fast Home Solutions, we are here to help.


Going forward, your main focus should be your future and be regaining financial independence. At Fast Home Solutions, we can help you with precisely that. We can get you the money you need to start the next chapter of your life in just over two weeks in most cases.


How, you ask? We know it may sound impossible, but once you contact us, we will put in an offer on your home in as little as 24 hours. In most cases, the offer comes in much quicker than that. You can take all the time you want to decide whether or not you want to take us up on our offer, but if you chose to accept, we promise to close the sale within seven days. After that, we will get you your money in less than a week. This all adds up to just little over two weeks total from beginning to end.


We should also mention that we take all homes as is. In addition, we also pay cash!


If this sounds like a good deal to you, give us a call right now. We are happy to help!